Round and Round AdD Episode 14

Travis and Kevin talk about some documentaries that Kevin watched. Sounds like fun eh?

Round and Round Preclusions Episode 3

December 31, 2012 is the date for this jaunt into Pregret  But this is a special one, while its not his first episode, this does mark Evan’s first appearance on the Network. As an added bonus, this is our first foursome for talk and golf. Except we didn’t go golfing.

Round and Round AdD Episode 13

We’ve attempted to cancel out the bad luck of episode thirteen by also having it be our twenty first episode total, but I’ve just been informed by our resident astrologist that it doesn’t work that way. Also that I owe him $4,000

Round and Round with Travis and Kevin Episode 6

Travis and Kevin have a lively discussion abut things they don’t know about in the music recording industry, then give you a taste of a new series, SomeOne Reads the Internet, or SO- oh who cares?

Round and Round AdD Episode 12

We here at RRWTK would like to present you with an even dozen of AdD episodes, we have at least an order of magnitude more. Not kidding.

Round and Round AdD Episode 11

Gaming talk is the order of the day, so if you like that sort of thing you might want to skip this, we sure do get things wrong alot.