Round and Round AdD Episode 25

If I keep putting these up late Travis is going to kick my ass… Maybe he’ll get mad enough to actually do something around here.

Round and Round AdD Episode 24

Hey guys! This week we- oh hold on. The police are at the door….

Round and Round with Travis and Kevin episode 14

Why must everything be difficult? That angsty enough for ya?

Round and Round AdD Episode 23

Coming back from a problem of self esteem  and one of no putting the right tags on a podcast so it doesn’t go into the feed, we once again are updating daily with a fun AdD! Join the fun dammit!

Round and Round AdD Episode 22

The bright flowers of The Round and Round Network show up to brighten this first AdD of spring. Also Michelle and Lauren are in this one.

Round and Round with Travis and Kevin Episode 13

This is our thirteenth Episode, by now you would think we have a joke format for these episode descriptions huh?

Round and Round Ruins Movies Episode 1: SkyFall

Proving Kevin is a strange liar, or that we just have no actual plan for releasing these things, here is our brand new show Round and Round Ruins Movies: Episode 1 SkyFall. Thats right ladies and gentlemen, Travis, Evan, Lauren, and Kevin sat down and watched the newest James Bond movie. Some syncing issues may come up, but this is our first attempt at this (as far as your concerned) so please, don’t bitch. Travis.