About the Network

This is the Premier Podcast Network for coma patients, foreigners looking to hear English, and independent leaning truck drivers with a taste for fine books and movies.

We drive. We Talk.Sometimes We Don’t Drive.

That’s about all we do, and we do it reasonably well. Join Travis and Kevin on a wonderful ride through some of New England’s finest roads, we simulate conversation as if you had friends. Sometimes we are in a studio, but other than better audio quality you won’t notice a difference. You probably don’t though, but we won’t judge you. We can’t. As you will see When you subscribe and/or download any one of our excellent Podcast’s, we are a podcast that probably shouldn’t throw stones at ANY glass houses. Warning; Kevin swears. A lot.

The things we cover range far and wide: current events, Dick comedy (in general and specific), the nature of truth,  the pros and cons of Uwe Boll, what Travis had for dinner, the various controversies surrounding Late Cycladic I pottery inlays (with a eye towards the coming trend of orientalizing) in Crete, and many more!

About your Hosts

Travis; Travis is a bit of an odd duck, on one hand you will be hard pressed to find a more caring and compassionate friend. On the other hand, I’ve never heard a person be more casual about letting every other human being die so he wouldn’t have to do something mildly embarrassing. So you know, balance. Travis can’t wait to ask you about your shirt.

Kevin; If Travis is an odd duck, then Kevin is a stupid platypus. Wandering around in a daze all day, hurting those he loves with his poison spurs, Kevin is surely a monotreme for the ages. He is also the main “writer” for the show, and thinks he’s soooo clever.

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