Round and Round Ruin Movie Episode 14: Resident Evil Extinction

Join or faithful crew for another turn around the Resident Evil River, Past the Beginning of “Didn’t we already see this?” to the end of “No seriously, didn’t we already do this?”

Round and Round Ruin Movies Episode 13: Resident Evil Apocalypse

As our Fearless crew returns to the Residential Evil seas, our crew enjoy the last movie in this series that doesn’t crib its opening entirely from the previous movies. Not entirely at least…

Round and Round Ruin Movies Episode 12: Resident Evil

Join our crew as they venture to the stormy seas of directorial love. Will a certain Jovovich be able to win through to the end of this movie? The sequels say yes…..

Round and Round Ruin Movies Episode 11: Interview with the Vampire

Our heroic annoyances watch Interview with the Vampire! Featuring Travis! And Kevin! Also our disk skipped a bit while recording this, so there’s that….

Round and Round Ruin Movies Episode 10: Queen of the Damned

Making a Triumphant return to form and schedule, our hosts (who have not stopped recording this whole time) delve deep into vampire lore with our confusingly out of order attack of the Anne Rice Vampire adaptations. Join Travis, Evan, and Kevin in watching Queen of the Damned, surely with the finest of hot topics makeup it wont be silly. Right?

Round and Round Ruins Movies Episode 9: The Man with the Golden Gun

Kevin, Travis, and Evan Ruin the Man with the Golden Gun. Does one golden shot mean another poor victim has come to a glittering end? We shall see…

Round and Round Ruin Movies Episode 8: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

Proving once again that ours eyes are bigger than our capabilities (as well as kevin’s sense of what day it is. I know that joke sucks, Shut up) here is our Commentary/ Ruining of the Hitchhikers Guide, this time in glorious American Vision (not trademarked. Yet.)