Round and Round Presents: RRRT Episode 2

Do you dream of a place where you can fly? Do you dream of a place where every action has meaning? Every movement of the human body the work of years? A place where your flight is one of whimsy, imagination, and actual fact? Kevin doesn’t go in for that hoity-toity crap, but we find out that Lauren and Travis do.  Watch out Roundereenos we’re talking Cirque Du Soleil and pretension levels are so high we have to actually define the word in this episode!

Round and Round Presents: RRRT Episode 1

Hey guys look! It’s a new show! I know, I know, you are all thinking, “Round and Round, how can you guys give me even MORE free entertainment in podcast form? I love you.” well dear Susie, we can do it because we love you as well. Here’s the first episode of Round and Round Round Table, the first offering under the Round and Round Presents label, look for commentaries, writing sessions, and other exciting shows that don’t fit under our myriad other shows, but are filled to the brim with creativity. This one however, is just long.  Enjoy!