Round and Round with Travis and Kevin Episode 31: Solid Eight

A Piratette boards the good ship! Featuring the thoroughly incorrigible Kevin. Also Allie.

Round and Round with Travis and Kevin Episode 15

Fatty. Fat fatty fatty. Fatty go home. Fatty Feel bad. Fatty put up new Episode? At least we’re not doing an April fools day joke.

Round and Round AdD Episode 21

Hello Roundereenos, remember what I said yesterday about it being a week of Michelle? Probably not because no one will read these in order. But anyways, it continues today! But tomorrow we have a special for you, and it has guests but not Michi! Stay tuned! Oh and in this one Kevin and Travis blah blah kinda funny thing blah. You want a joke eh? Um, its episode 21, black jack! That’s it,  now go away.