We Are Hiring!

We here at the Podcast need things, first; we are in need of an artist. Not an Artist, we cannot pay that much, but if you are in need of a little job then we have a few. We are in need of an over-all style to the website so preference will be given if you would like to bid on all of the jobs, but we are not picky and price will probably decide the day:


A. 2-8 Characters.Two, my co host and myself, need to be fairly recognizable, but the others just need to match a short list of traits.

B. Logo redesign. I did the original logo for the website, and it shows.

C. WordPress banners and other Resources. We are running stock, so you know that looks good.


Nice and easy, most of that was posted on a few websites. This however probably is not going to be. We need writers, podguests, and even podcast hosts. We need more material to get anywhere so we are opening the gates to everyone who reads this. Have an Idea? let us know! Don’t have an Idea but want to be involved? Prefect! Get in touch! Now!


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