Round and Round Read Episode 1: Dune Part 1

Welcome Roundereenos to a new show! In our new show, called Round and Round Read, our brave crew doesn’t actually read! Well sometimes they read out excerpts, but mostly they talk about books! Alliteration wins over making sense! In this grand opening of the new series, we talk about a book near and dear to our brave captains, Dune by Frank Herbert. Yes, we have talked about it for hours before, but now we do it all at once and let very little distract us. Relatively speaking of course. This is designed to be a loose companion to the far superior Mythgard Dune course, which Kevin is an avid member of, by the esteemed Professor Corey Olsen. You don’t have to have read dune or any of the sequels, but it would make much more sense if you have. Likewise you needn’t have been a member of the Mythgard webinar, but it would make Kevin happy if you did.

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