Round and Round with Travis and Kevin – Our flagship, no matter how rickety she gets, we love and cherish her. With 2(two) full hours a week, there is more than almost anyone needs of your favorite guys that drive around and alternatingly bore/anger you with conversations ranging from obsessive movie and music love, the state of the world ten years from now, and to what evolutionary advantage little wings on a tyrannosaur would be.

Round and Round: After Darkdark (AdD) –  A confusingly named show, it is indeed a confusing format for a show to be. Here we take and gather all of our short conversations, or indeed anything that doesn’t fit in the main feeds. Always less than 35 minutes, if you need a quick fix to get you through the day, don’t worry baby, we give you four a week. Trust us.

Round and Round Presents – Some shows can’t be released every week, some need more time to ferment and stew. In other words; the friends that we are strong-arming into working for us for free have jobs and can’t come out and play that often. However, with Travis’ social grace, and Kevin’s blatant sociopathy they have a number of ‘friends’ to use. Also Kevin and Travis sometimes think of shows that while they might entertain You, it would only enrage each other, they hide them here.

Round and Round: Preclusions –  Are you ready? If you thought that all of that STILL wasn’t enough for you, you NEED to know how it all started, and by god you’ll find out. Our first season went well. So well that we forgot to edit and put it up on the internet! Oops. Hear the origins of the Podcast you know and love, only in reverse order*, ending on episode 1 where it all began. Everyone knows the first episode is always the best, so why not let the tension build a bit?



Round and Round Presents Shows:
Round and Round Round Table (RRRT): Longer than usual, An hour and a half and up, much rarer than it’s pretty sisters AdD and RRWR, This corollary  features a whole bunch of us talking. Around a table!
Round and Round Writing Room (RRWR): Here’s where Kevin desperately tries to enlist the help of his co-host and their various guests in the writing process of our Fictional shows . Get these in the main feed, get involved in the discussion in the garage section of the forums, its in Unnecessary Nonsense appropriately.
Round and Round Ruin Movies: Its exactly what it says on the tin, Kevin, Travis, and/or any number of guests sit down and ruin whatever movie their watching. Some would call it a commentary, some would call it riffing. We say, sure. But we know in our hearts that most of you would probably rather hear what the movies are actually saying. This is for the small minority of you that say instead, “I wonder what some random people would say about this. I bet its funny.”. Hey you said it not me, I’m usually more clever than that.




*the order of the episodes, not the audio. dummy.

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