Tentative Recording Schedule

Hi gang, sorry this is a day late, and I can see that most of you actually checked in and saw that I had posted nothing so I feel even more slightly worse. so without further delay, here’s the tentative schedule I have worked out with your gracious help:

Monday: Nothing, I need a day to edit and wash

Tuesday (all day): Round and Round with travis and Kevin, Choncorde Watching,Choncorde Watching, Best Good Movies,Ruins Movies, Board Games,

Wednesday (all day): Choncorde Watching, Best Good Movies, History, Kevin Kooks Kewl

Thursday (daytime only): Choncorde Watching, Book Club,

Friday (night only): Round and Round with travis and Kevin, Choncorde Watching, Best Good Movies, ,Ruins Movies, Board Games,

Saturday (morning and night): Round and Round with travis and Kevin, Choncorde Watching, Best Good Movies, Board Games,

Sunday (day time only): Choncorde Watching, Book Club

So, if you would like to request we do something on your day, let me know, if you don’t want something to fall on a day you come over (regularly, don’t be a dick), or anything I’m leaving out, or forgetting. Thanks roundereenos and roundettes.

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